Eco Safe Pest Control Perth offer reliable , professional and emergency pest solution in Perth . Our focus is on delivering high standard professional services in Residential & Commercial sector. We take care of your family & home like ours and put a lot of efforts for using more Eco-Friendly Techniques which are safe for your Kids & Pets. We treat all pest infestations quickly as they can cause a lot of health issues and damage your property if avoided.

The company experts have successfully treated Residential and Commercial premises all over Perth for all types of pests including Rats, Mouse, cockroach, Spiders, Ants, Termite, Moths, Bed Bug, Birds, Bird Mites, Bees, Wasp, Possum, Flea , Silver Fish etc and that’s why we are No 1 Pest Solution Company in Perth.


Doreen Smithin the last week

I have been engaged with Ecofriendly for Rat Control in my investment property. The technician was very patient and listen to all my queries and explain the whole process once again . He was very professional in his approach . I will highly recommend the company for all your pest problems . Thanks
for the great effort !!!


Ben Thornsin the last week

Thank you guys really deserve this name as you have delivered the desire results . We had a bad infestation of Rat and had enough with rat running around the back yard . My friend referred Loveleen as they use them every year . They were here on time and even give a Written Warranty. Thank you


George Gill a week ago

I had a big cockroach problem in my kitchen and come across this company. Even over the phone they explained me that I was having German cockroach infestation and how they will treat that . Was fully impressed with the amount of knowledge the technician was having . After 3 to 4 days all these small cockroaches become a history ….. Just can’t say in words how much thankful I am . Great Work delivered.



Rat Control & Removal Perth

A rat infestation is one of the most bothersome annoyances in any part of the world, and Perth is no exception. Unlike pet rats, these are not cute or domestic by any means. They skitter around spoiling your food and destroying your stores. They reduce any wires or clothes, or anything that can be bitten into mere shreds. On top of that, they test out their stealth skills by biting the humans in the house. And as an end note, they leave their droppings all over the place.

Cockroach Treatment Perth

Cockroaches spread diseases. They are unhygienic. They trigger asthma. And even if they were perfectly harmless, no one wants those flying miscreants clogging up their drains. But the problems arise when you try to eradicate an infestation. Cockroaches are most probably the hardest of all insects to eliminate. They seem to have an annoying resilience that helps them bounce even the most brutal and poisonous of chemicals off their hardened shells.

Termites Control Perth

Termites are nightmarish little insects prone to damage everything at your house, that too in a stealth mode. You may not be aware of their existence in your household until it’s too late and the doors and other wooden surfaces are already damaged. Termites consume cellulose-based plant materials and they can find the required nutrition from inside the household, regardless of the construction. An estimate of 250 termite species can be found in Australia, where the number is more than 2,500 worldwide. Termites can thrive in unlikely spaces, so, when they invade a household, they become pests in no time.

Spider Control Perth

Spiders are one of the most intimidating and scariest creatures crawling over the planet, and it’s no wonder if one or two sneak in your peaceful home. These eight-legged insects vary widely in look, shape, and size. While they tend to live peacefully in masterfully crafted cobwebs, they can be proved to be fatal to human beings.
Spiders are wild insects living far from humanity, but sometimes they invade the human territory where things can go massively wrong. While some spiders are not malicious, some species possess deadly toxins in them which, when comes into a reaction with human blood cells, can create complex results.

Bees Removal Perth

When we talk of bees, the first thing that comes to our minds is the yellow and black honey bee that buzzes around the most beautiful gardens. However, not all bees are our favorite buzzing beauty that provides us with honey and beeswax. A cluster of them, from any species, can and will pose a menace, especially, if they choose to infiltrate your home. Their hives can rapidly spread to any corner and even are found in between the walls. In dire
situations, pest treatment Perth provides quick and efficient exterminations of the pests.

Wasp Removal Perth

Wasp is a flying insect just like bees. These colonial insects hail from the same ancestors as the bees and ants. Wasps are found in the spring season because the queen wasp hibernates in winter. However tiny they may be, they have a painful sting and a flying speed of 40 km/hr. While stinging, they produce a toxic secretion called histamine in the human body that can even be life-threatening. These insects live in colonies and can be a huge problem if they set up their nests near your house. Apart from inflicting a painful sting, they can even sting multiple times. If a wasp builds nests in the cavities of your house then it can even eat at your plaster.

Ants Treatment Perth

Ants are not necessarily harmful creatures but that is until they choose your house’s basement or garden as their nesting site. An ant nest abodes a queen, a group of workers (sterile females) and soldiers. They feast on sugary food items as well as oily foods. Removing them from the tiny cracks of the wall on pavement can be a pretty tricky job. Ants create colonies and only a certain number of ants in a colony are in charge of foraging food. A single colony can house thousands of ants. A single colony can house thousands of ants. It is important to seek professional help from Ants Control Perth to address ant infiltration.

Birdmite Control Perth

One of the most frequent problems that a bird lover would have is the problem of bird mites. To the uninitiated, bird mite is an extremely small and nimble variant of the mobile mite which is barely visible to the naked eye. The fact that they are semi-transparent in color also makes locating the mites a bit hard. The color makes them difficult to be spotted unless they ingest in blood upon which they may appear reddish or blackish.
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Moth Pest removal Perth

Moths are beautiful, flying creatures resembling butterflies. Like butterflies, they also have compound eyes and a nutrition-sucking tube called proboscis. However, a full- grown moth only comes out in the night, and their wings are usually white or gray, distinguishing the species from butterflies. Moths are generally considered harmless to people but can cause damage to your clothes and other household items. Moths have a thing for fabrics and thus, can be identified as pests.

Tick Pest treatment Perth

Ticks can be an absolute nightmare for any property owner. Destruction of goods, spreading diseases and contaminating everything they come in contact with, ticks have wrecked homes, shut down businesses, and reputations ruined. These pests enter our homes through pets and plants. These tiny annoying bloodsucking creatures cause severe itching, rashes, and infections if left unchecked for long. Ticks inhabit pet fur, plants, and your scalp- they are parasites thriving on your blood. Their bites though painless can pose serious medical threats for human beings if ignored. Getting rid of ticks involves both chemical and non-chemical solutions for controlling their population and exterminating the ones inhabiting your house.

Silverfish Control Perth

Pests, though tiny and fragile, can wreck homes and commercial undertakings to dust. Rodents, termites, flies and cockroaches, these pesky pests lurk around the corners of the property slowly eating away at its foundation and spreading deadly diseases. The pest in question today is the silverfish, a small silvery creature, a delicate insect with an elongated body and antennas that stick to your clothes and furniture. Owing to the damp, hot and humid climate of the continent, Australia is an ideal breeding ground for silverfish. However, with the high-tech pest treatment solutions used by Eco-friendly Pest Control Perth WA, you can quickly tackle the problem without spending a fortune.

Flies Control Perth

There isn’t a single place on the planet where you could not find these pesky
creatures. In your house, on the street, around the garbage dump, you can see them everywhere buzzing around merrily and laying eggs in damp, humid corners. Blame it on the warm and humid climate of Australia or the hordes of cattle commonly found on the continent, but flies have become an inevitable part of the lifestyle. Australian flies are stronger, swifter than the typical flies species found elsewhere due to the vast expanse of grasslands and the changes in barometric pressure and wind.

Flea Pest Treatment Perth

Fleas usually infest plants and animals. No matter how meticulously you take care of your pet, it might still catch skin infections and insects from nearby animals and places. They spread from your pet to anything that resembles the skin of your pet. This includes bed linen, carpets, curtains and most fabrics. Moreover, your house can still be plagued by fleas even if you do not have a pet. The only blessing when it comes to these creatures is that they are wingless. But that is no cause to relax. These small and brownish creatures can jump long distances and live underneath the fur undetected.

Scorpion Control Perth

A group of cockroaches or termites, though annoying, doesn’t pose any serious threats to human life. Scorpions, on the other hand, can be fatal. Scorpions are reclusive yet poisonous creatures that can get inside your property through vents, door screens, broken windows and other openings in the wall. They are mostly nocturnal creatures that hide in nooks and crevices. They thrive under rocks or underground burrows, mostly seeking the cool. They try to avoid the light as much as possible, merely to stay away from predators.

Beetle Control Perth

Our association with beetles go way back to the ancient times (Egyptian mummy stuff, anyone?). Although these tiny black creatures are not as spooky as portrayed, they sure can create a hell of a problem in any household. Beetles crawling all over the mattresses, carpets, and curtains are never a pleasant sight. Very similar to cockroaches, but for their shell-like wings and antennas, beetles usually infect the garden or feed on something wooden.

Mosquito Control Perth

Mosquitoes are a huge hindrance in our houses, especially in the rainy season when they breed. This February, the rain gauge strikes 137mm, one of the heaviest rainfalls in Perth in recent history, and mosquitoes are on the rise. These little creatures can spread fatal diseases, and yet when it comes to dealing with mosquitoes, it takes a lot of thinking, planning and even expert intervention. This is where you recall Mosquito Control Perth and our experts with dedicated techniques and instruments will help you out in the mosquito removal process.


spider pest control



Needless to mention, every home needs a pest treatment professional who can help you get rid of the unwanted pests. At ECO FRIENDLY PEST CONTROL COMPANY, we offer you the option to choose the best pest removal services according to the kind of pests our clients are dealing every day. It’s effective, customized and a budget-friendly option for you. Our professional team will also share some great tips to control the growth of pests in your home, office, companies, hotels, restaurants etc.
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When it comes to commercial pest solution, we always believe that prevention is better than cure. Our expert professionals will do a free survey of the site, which will help us track the root cause of the pest problems and advice the right solution to make your building pest-free. We also maintain the best standards of health so that your regular business activities don’t get affected.
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ECO FRIENDLY PEST SOLUTION can offer you with emergency control services in Perth, no matter the size or type of property you have. Our team of experts can offer you with 24/7 pest treatments in all around Perth. The kind of process which will be implemented depends on the pest problems you are dealing with. Our affordable services have made us popular in Perth.
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Eco Friendly


From landlords to tenants, agencies, residential buildings or commercial property- we are the No.1 choice for people living in PERTH. Our team has expert technicians fully equipped with everything essential to carry out the pest removal procedure. We are also one of the best service providers in the industry if you have rodents, insects or birds in home.
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ECO FRIENDLY PEST TREATMENT is one such company in Perth that can control the pests and termites in an eco-friendly way. We do understand that you have children and pets in your home and so will implement measures so that they don’t get affected. We are dedicated to offer you with the best quality services at an affordable price.
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Eco Friendly


At ECO FRIENDLY PEST TREATMENTS, safety of the children is important. We know that dealing with unwanted pests is unpleasant, and so willing to help you with the best services. Whenever you need quick and effective pest solution services, our expert team at ECO FRIENDLY PEST TREATMENTS will immediately reach you.
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Eco Friendly


One of the most challenging aspects of dealing with pests in a real estate property is to not only get rid of them, but also implementing the right measures so that they don’t grow in your property again. Trust the pest management experts of ECO FRIENDLY PEST CONTROL who can do the job easily and effectively. We have only one mission- to keep all the properties of Perth pest free.
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Eco Friendly


Being one of the most budget-friendly companies in Perth for pest control, we take the job seriously and always make our clients happy through our top-quality services. We deal with all the different kind of pests, including ants, rats, bed bug, cockroaches etc. No matter the kind of pests you have in home, you can always trust us.
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Eco Friendly Solutions

  • We offer 24/7 Emergency Pest Treatment in Perth 365 days in the year ( Terms & Conditions Apply )
  • We can come with a non-branded ute to keep your neighbours unaware of your pest infestation.
  • Efficient & professional treatments with high quality products and Eco safe Techniques are use where possible.
  • Fully Insured & Licensed staff.
  • We try to educate the customer on techniques which brings long term solutions from your pest problems.
  • Kids & Pets friendly techniques.
  • Latest technology & equipments are used ( moisture meters, thermal cameras )
  • Special discount for regular customers and for references given .
  • All the Pest Treatment Technitions complies and meet the latest health and safety regulations according to Australian Standards.

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