Ant Pest Control

Ants are not necessarily harmful creatures but that is until they choose your house’s basement or garden as their nesting site. An ant nest abodes a queen, a group of workers (sterile females) and soldiers. They feast on sugary food items as well as oily foods. Removing them from the tiny cracks of the wall on pavement can be a pretty tricky job. Ants create colonies and only a certain number of ants in a colony are in charge of foraging food. A single colony can house thousands of ants. It is important to seek professional help from Ants Pest Control Perth to address ant infiltration. They will thoroughly inspect the area, locate the territory of the ants and chalk out effective solutions without burning a hole in your pocket.

Common Species of Ants Found in Australia

Argentine ants, odorous ants, black house ants, carpenter ants, garden ants, bulldog ants are some of the most common types of ants found in Australia. Each species has unique characteristics and nesting site preferences.

Results of Ant Infestation

Bulldog ants found in the coastal region of Australia use both their teeth and jaws to sting. Their stings cause as much pain as a wasp or bee stings. The bite of a red ant also packs quite a lot of punch. Keeping the house clean won’t guarantee 100% safety. One piece of cake on the floor and they’ll come marching inside your kitchen. Once they start colonizing, they’ll reach the pantries, contaminate the food. If you have babies in the house, you need to be extra cautious as ants can taint baby bottles, causing dysentery and other health issues.

When to Seek Professional Help?

Seeing an ant crawling on the couch or a gang of them marching around sweets isn’t uncommon, that’s pretty natural. Ants are very hard working and at the same time, skilled silent infiltrators. They might be colonizing in your garden, driveway or in a corner of the ceiling without your slightest knowledge. If you notice an unusual looking pile of sand in the lawn, you should be alert. Certain ant species are extremely aggressive and their stings can cause a sharp burning sensation. As soon as you observe such indications, give a call to Ant treatment Perth services.

Will DIY Methods Work?

Do It Yourself methods would be totally futile if the ants have already colonized. Most of all, it is difficult for homeowners to prevent them from recolonizing as the colonies can relocate quickly if the ants smell threat. Most over the shelves pesticides or ant-traps available in the market fail to provide long-term solutions.

How Do Professional Pest Control Services Address the Issue?

The expert technicians, upon being called, will begin with thoroughly inspecting your property, especially the dark hidden corners. Depending on the intensity of the problem, they would figure out various strategies to kill the ants. These include the use of pesticides, bait treatment, exterior surface spray and the safest of them all, the gel treatment. Another approach is dust treatment which is mainly used for areas like roof, crevices, and ceilings. They are licensed to use pesticides that would do the job without affecting the environment or causing any damage to the property or the residents. These methods provide long-lasting respite from ants in less than an hour and prevent them from coming back as well.

The Cost of Ant Infestation Control and How Can I Pay?

The best Ant Control service operators in Perth use the latest technology and products to nip the problem in the bud. Therefore, the service won’t be cheap but it won’t most certainly leave a dent in your wallet also. Besides that, you have the option to customize the service package according to the severity of the problem and your budget. After the completion of the task, the operator will hand you the invoice. You can pay by cash, card, cheque, e-Wallet or bank transfer. Be assured that there will be no hidden cost.

How Long Does the Whole Process Take?

The operators try to turn up at the infested spot as soon as possible. But you can always communicate the urgency of the situation to the technical assistance team. Generally, they respond with 24 to 48 hours. As soon the eradication process begins, it takes roughly an hour to complete. However, the TAT may vary according to the size of the property, severity of the problem, weather and other such factors.

Is There Any Side-effect?

Most certainly not. The trained professionals apply the suitable methods for the property. The insecticides used are certified to be used for both domestic as well as commercial buildings. These high-end products do not leave any foul smell or stain afterward. However, if there are any pregnant lady, newborn in the house, or if any family member is diagnosed with a serious health issue, they might be asked to stay out of the residence until the treatment is complete.