Bedbug Control

No one wants their bed to be a banquet hall for small critters that relish on our blood. And yet, a full-fledged bedbug infestation is just that. Too small to be forcefully abolished, they manage to hide in the most unreachable corners and become too persistent a problem. Bedbugs further are the cause of several infections even if the regular leeching of blood does not render the victim anemic. However, disregarding all technicalities, it is creepy enough to imagine a host of blood-sucking creatures inhabiting our safe-haven.

They are persistent and can weather through the direst of conditions. And while that adds to their credentials, it does make them a little difficult to kill. However, no pest is un-killable, and with the proper guidance, you can soon have your bed bug-free. Bed bugs are a creature that you will never know for sure if they have been completely eliminated. That is why you need to trust the professionals and contact the bedbug control services of Perth to handle the issue.

Bedbugs: Appearance and Lifestyle

You may see some bugs scurrying across your bed-sheet and assume them to be bedbugs. However, that may not always be so. Bedbugs are categorized by their distinctive balloon shaped body that is reddish-brown in color. They are as small as apple-seeds, an attribute which lends to their agility. They are flat or rounded, depending on when they have fed. They are further demarcated by spots on their shell.

Bedbugs circulated through three stages in their life. The first one is the egg. The eggs are white and grainy and measure about 1 mm in size. A female bedbug can lay up to 500 eggs in a day. The next stage is that of the nymph. This includes five stages in itself. Nymphs, while physically similar to adults, are small and sexually immature. In the primary stages, these nymphs are yellowish-white in color. During the later stages, they develop into the reddish – brown of the adult nymphs.

The final stage is that of an adult bedbug. A bedbug is a resilient creature and under appropriate conditions can last up to a year. However, the average bug will survive for 4 to 6 months at the most. Of the more common species of bedbugs are cimexhemipterus, leptocimexBoueti, cimexLectularius.

Signs of a Bedbug Infestation

Bedbugs are very easy to spot as they bite you when you go to bed. Of course, if you are not sure in the initial stages, there are other ways to determine a bedbug infestation. Bedbugs leave their blood droppings smeared all over your sheet. You may also come across the broken shells of newly hatched bugs as well.

Of course, when the situation gets too dire, you will notice the bugs skittering across your bed. Bedbugs often trigger asthma attacks. You may feel short of breath as well. Their bite will leave red marks all over the skin. This is coupled is itchiness and often infection. The blood loss might not be too healthy for the patient either.

Home Remedies For Curing Bedbugs In The House

Bedbug infestation is a serious mark against the hygiene of the house. Bedbugs are slippery creatures and it is highly unlikely that you can smoke out the entire infestation through home remedies. It is better to contact the bedbug control services as soon as you spot the first one. If you notice one, there would be hundreds breeding under your mattress.

If you do want to try out some home remedies, here are some options you can go for. The easiest step is to vacuum the affected areas. If it is small items like pillows, the bugs can be killed by freezing them. In the case of larger items, you can steam them as well. There are a couple of antiseptics like tea tree oil and lavender oil which might provide you with some relief.

Professional Bedbug Control Strategy

As soon as you seek the help of the bedbug control service, the better it is for you. Treatment and complete eradication of the bedbugs will take time and patience. And the proper and easy method goes a long way in speeding it up.

The STOP System

Instead of breaking up the pest control services from different sources, is it not easier to be able to access the entire process in one go? That is what the STOP enables. It is a top to bottom pest control service that begins with inspection and ends at elimination. Even damage done to the property during the process is included.

Surveying The Area

The inspection service will be conducted throughout the house. Even through, by definition, bedbugs are related to the beds and couches, it is important to check every single furniture. The rugs and other beddings will be carefully searched for any sign of bedbug infestation.

This will include bedbug feces, broken egg, molted shells and even bugs, living or dead. The bedbug treatment Perth will ensure nothing but a complete removal.

Treating the Infestation

After a thorough visual inspection, the next step includes the actual treatment. The sub-roofs and ceilings are treated to a dust treatment along with any cracks they may find. The bedbugs are often treated to the gel treatment as well. Another step is to bait the bugs. The gel infestation is actually safe for pets and kids.

Observing the Results

To complete the entire process takes an hour at the most. If the bedbug control service of Perth is informed in time, they will respond within 48 hours. However, if the situation is too dire, you can always ask for a faster response.

Precautionary Measures

At the end of the treatment, the perimeter of the property is sprayed to prevent a relapse of the infestation. Further, the control officer will provide you with some tips that will help you to avoid such a situation in the future again.

Side Effects of Pest Control

We have all come to relate the instant and miraculous effects of pest removal with some kind of sacrifice pertaining to our own health. However, that is not true anymore. The products that the bedbug treatment of Perth uses are completely eco-friendly and will, in no way, harm the pets and dogs in case it is consumed. If it is not, there is always a minor side-effect of the baits staining out walls or at least, an unpleasant scent.

However, there is no staining or no such scent in the house either. To be on the safe side, if there are any pregnant women or any patient in your family, it is better for them to leave while the procedure is underway.