Bees Removal

When we talk of bees, the first thing that comes to our minds is the yellow and black honey bee that buzzes around the most beautiful gardens. However, not all bees are our favorite buzzing beauty that provides us with honey and beeswax. A cluster of them, from any species, can and will pose a menace, especially, if they choose to infiltrate your home. Their hives can rapidly spread to any corner and even are found in between the walls. In dire situations, pest control Perth provides quick and efficient exterminations of the pests.

Bees, along with wasps and ants, hail from the same order of insects called Hymenoptera. They aid in pollination on top of everything else. Nevertheless, it is not a good idea to approach a beehive without any protection. Bees, along with wasps, are known for their stingers and the females are pretty aggressive and territorial.

How Do Bees Look Like?

Bees, though of a typical shape, come in a variety of colors all over the world. Even honey bees are not limited to one shade. Some of them are black and others are the typical amber and black. They measure up to half to three-fourth inches. A honey bee hive houses about 10,000 to 50,000 bees. However, honey bees can sting only once, after which the bee dies.

Other than honey bees, there are bumble bees and carpenter bees. Bumble bees have a larger body covered with fur. They are twice as large as the honey bee and some have black and yellow bands on their body. But depending on the region, they can be completely black as well. Bumble bees build their nest on the ground and the nest can have as little as 50 bees as well. Though not aggressive, these bees can sting multiple times.

Carpenter bees are as large as bumble bees. But they are fast fliers when compared to bumble bees. Carpenter bees are not as interestingly hued as bumble bees and are shiny black in color. They come with a black spot on the upper portion in the middle of their body which is known as the thorax. However, these are unsocial in haracter and prefer to burrow alone. These resemble finger-shaped holes all around your property. They chew through the wood to form their nests. Only the females are known for their stingers and they are not that aggressive towards humans.

Types of Bees Found in Australia

Most of the bees that are spotted in Australia include honey bees, bumble bees, carpenter bees, mason bees and mining bees. Bees are a very common sight in Perth and Eco-friendly Pest Control Perth WA offers the best extermination strategies for an infestation.

Signs of Bee Infestation

If you suspect a bee infestation in your home, you have to make sure that they are bees in the first place. Often other insects like hornets, wasps and yellow jackets, which are from the same family, are taken for bees. Even among bees, the different species have their own nesting habits. Honey bees and bumble bees build hives where they live together, unlike carpenter bees. Bumble bees often build their nests under the roof beams. Their hives can be found in attics, in the grounds or on decks as well. They are aggressive in defending their
homes. They rebuild their colonies every year.

Honey bees, on the other hand, can maintain their homes for a long time. If you find a couple of bees buzzing around your property, or a hive in your backyard, be alert. While it can be a completely normal occurrence, bee hives, if left unchecked, spread rapidly all over the house. Usually, if they are left alone, bees won’t cause any problems. However, they can be fatal if they attack in swarms. An infestation will include random hives all over your property. The nests will be active and can be found in your garage, sheds, attics and other places. You may even find the scent of decomposing honey permeating your home. For carpenter bees, you may discover their nests all over any wooden surface which includes trees and even window sills and doors. They emanate a sound as they chew into the wood.
Either way, you need to eliminate the problem before it gets out of hand.

Exterminating Bees Using Home Remedies

Bees, while not harmful without a cause, can be aggressive when their hives are threatened. While this might seem like an easy situation to avoid, the problem arises when the bees find your home attractive enough to set up their hive in.

Bees are diurnal creatures. So if you plan on eliminating a bee infestation yourself, it is better to do so at night. You can guard yourself by dressing in protective clothing before spraying the hive with pesticides. Repeat the procedure the next day after dusk again, just to be sure. You should never cover the entry way as the bees will take refuge inside your home. After you are sure that the bees are dead, you should remove the honey and wax from the walls. That prevents any further chance of infestation as well.

However, pesticides bought from stores may not always be that effective. These chemical pesticides come with no guarantee of human and pet safety as well. It is wiser to contact the expert pest controllers of pest control Perth to help you with the issue.

How Do We S.T.O.P. Bees Infestation?


Survey and Treatment

The team of residential pest control Perth will conduct a complete inspection of your property first. They will pay attention to the affected areas and try to find out the source of the problem. The entire area will be sprayed. The bees will be eliminated through the baiting treatment and the roofs and corners will be exposed to the dust treatment. The products used are safe for your pets and kids, unlike any store-bought sprays.


This procedure will require an hour under normal conditions. However, this may increase if your property is too large or if the infestation is too dire. Moreover, the weather is a big deterrent in carrying out the removal.

The service providers usually respond in 48 hours. If your condition is too serious, you can request for a faster response as well. It is detrimental that you contact the services as soon as you notice signs of an infestation.

Proofing and Prevention

You will be offered some tips by the control officer regarding prevention of any further infestation. Moreover, the eco-friendly technic used are effective enough to avoid any relapses in near future.