Beetle Pest Control Perth

Our association with beetles go way back to the ancient times (Egyptian mummy stuff, anyone?). Although these tiny black creatures are not as spooky as portrayed, they sure can create a hell of a problem in any household. Beetles crawling all over the mattresses, carpets, and curtains are never a pleasant sight. Very similar to cockroaches, but for their shell-like wings and antennas, beetles usually infect the garden or feed on something wooden. You can even find them on your pets causing severe itching, irritation, and rashes.

Moreover, beetles can cause serious damages to furniture and cloth fabrics. Pest control solutions at Perth employ the best techniques to curb the infestation without harming the environment or the occupants of the house. Here at Eco-friendly Pest Control Perth WA, we use licensed products and unique equipment for beetle infestation management at both residential and commercial buildings.

Common Beetle Species in Australia

From the floor to the carpet to the gardens and even on animal fur, beetles can be found almost anywhere. Based on their natural habitat and dietary preferences, beetles are divided into several species. The black carpet beetles, grain beetle, powderpost beetles, flour beetles, June beetle, elm beetle, lady beetle and ground beetles are some of the most common kinds you will come across in Australia.

Beetle Infestation Hazards

Beetles usually choose areas such as agricultural fields, gardens, attics and damp corners to colonize. They thrive in bamboo, and other wooden items and fabric. A huge group of beetles can wreak storage areas, attic spaces, and fields. However, insects cause more damage than the just mere destruction of property. Beetles are carriers of many disease-causing germs that contaminate food and water. The pesky pests are responsible for allergies, rashes, skin blisters, conjunctivitis, swallowing problems, swelling, stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal ailments.

Moreover, watching a swarm of beetles roaming around the house is never a pleasing sight. A particular species of beetles called Colorado potato beetle causes severe damage to crops every year, especially to potato plants. Another type of beetle called the Death Watch Beetle can cut through wooden furniture and buildings easily. The worst part is, beetle infestation actually begins at the time of construction in most cases.

When to Seek Professional Help?

A couple of beetles are not a big problem, over-the- counter products and bug sprays are enough to take care of them. However, if a massive horde of these insects attack your property then calling for professional help seems like a smart idea. Professional pest control services Perth are usually required in big agricultural fields, storehouses, gardens, and hotels. It is wise to give the pest controller a call as soon as you observe the slightest symptoms of beetle infestation. To an uninitiated, it is hard to figure out the intensity of the problem. Even if the issue isn’t that serious, a quick inspection of your property won’t harm.

Will DIY Methods Work?

A couple of beetles in the backyard is a pretty natural sight, one that you can take off quiet easily without spending a fortune on hiring experts. For starters, go on a cleaning spree. Wash all the linen in the house (from curtains, carpets to bedsheets and just about any other clothes you find) with a powerful detergent and soak it in an insecticidal treatment. Secondly, seal the gaps and cracks (in window-boards, between hinges, on floorboards, in the wallpaper) in and around your property.

How Do Professionals Control the Problem?

The best pest control Perth incorporates the best of power and quality, offering customers a robust and reliable solution for getting rid of parasites. Once the team of experts has thoroughly inspected the area and located the affected spots on your property, they more on to formulate a plan to exterminate the pests in the best possible way. This includes dusting the floorboards, spraying bug spray and chemicals on and around the infested area and setting up barriers and traps.

How Long Does the Process Take?

It takes about 24 hours to complete the operation. However, if the area has to be disinfected with insectidal spray, the property has to be left unused for 3-4 days.

How Much Will It Cost and How Can I Pay?

Pest control solutions at Perth are of top notch quality featuring advanced equipment and inventive extermination methods that leave no stones unturned when it comes to driving the pests away from the property. The services are reasonably priced. You can also choose the different service packages and plans that cover a variety of perks. The pricing depends on the size, scale, and severity of the bug infestation. Everything from cash and credit to online bank transfers is accepted.

Are There Any Side-effects?

Although the bug sprays, traps and other chemicals used for exterminating insect infestation are all tested and eco-friendly, it is advised that you keep it out of the reach of kids and animals. Also, it is best that you steer clear of the operation site if you have a medical condition or allergies.