Bird Mite Control

One of the most frequent problems that a bird lover would have is the problem of bird mites. To the uninitiated, bird mite is an extremely small and nimble variant of the mobile mite which is barely visible to the naked eye. The fact that they are semi-transparent in color also makes locating the mites a bit hard. The color makes them difficult to be spotted unless they ingest in blood upon which they may appear reddish or blackish.

There are many ways that a bird mite infestation could occur. The mites could gain entry from cavities in the roof during the summer season. Infestations could also happen from birds roosting on the outer window ledge. The mites characteristically can feed off both the young and the adult and the nesting material actually helps them to thrive. Though they have a small life cycle, they can multiply extremely fast. While humans are usually not at risk while encountering bird mites, it is important to use effective Perth pest control services to exterminate all possible pests.

Reach the experts at Ecofriendly pest control Perth WA to eradicate all bird mites. Doing so would also decrease the chances of carrier diseases that these pests may be carrying on them. Whether it is your home or your workplace, bird mite problem left unchecked could potentially turn out to be a big problem. Bird Mites Treatment Perth ensures not only removal but also a proper solution to every mite problem you might have.

Common Bird Mite Species in Australia

Starling mite, ornithonyssus bursa, ornithonyssus sylviarum (northern fowl mite), dermanyssus gallinae (chicken mite), ornithonyssus bacoti (tropical rat mite), d. Gallinae and o. sylvarium are some of the most common variants of bird mites most commonly found. Each of these species has their own nesting abilities and their own unique features.

Results of Bird Mite Infestation

Mite infection should always be taken seriously. Given the detection problems that mites usually have coupled with the fact that such an infestation could give rise to serious health issues. This makes the diseased bird a carrier of potentially infectious diseases. Mites can also give rise subsequently to diseases like bird flu which are life threatening for any person. It is, therefore, important to ensure that proper pest prevention is undertaken in order to protect your feathery friends from the evil mites.

When to Seek Professional Help?

Mites are extremely problematic whether you own a few pet birds or a poultry full of birds. Mites are potent enough to attack birds anywhere they like. One of the most interesting facts about bird mites is that they cannot survive for long periods of time without food. This makes it relatively easy for you to spot the breeding ground for these mites. It is important to eradicate bird mites by using professional bird mites pest control Perth services. It is at this juncture when the pest guys would use customized bird mites to treat the necessary nesting sites. Considering how harmful bird mites can be for birds, it is essential that you undertake these pest control services as soon as it is required.

Will Do It Yourself Methods Work?

While there are numerous home solutions that you could undertake to ensure control of bird mites, more often than not these may fall short of the desired level of success. The pesticidal products that are available commonly in shops may not be efficient in tackling colonies of bird mites. These chemicals, while exhibiting moderate results when it comes to individual mite cases, would face a problem with colonies. Experienced pest control professionals go around searching for bird mites trails. This helps them to efficiently destroy any possible colony offshoot in the area. This often means that your home stays pesticide free.

How Do The Professionals Go About The Job?

The pest control Perth follows a tried and tested radical step procedure that ensures that all bird mites are efficiently exterminated. This three step procedure consists of Inspection, Dust and Surface spray. In the first procedure, the pest control team will conduct an investigation and make a survey and subsequently a report on the mite findings. In the second step, dust is applied on the roof and the subfloor to block any possible cavities that might facilitate entry of mites and finally, a special spray is applied on the surface. This spray is also applied to the perimeter of your home or building. This spray which is patented by the Bed Bugs control effectively terminates
all mites.

How Much Will It Cost and How Should I Pay?

Prior to the pest removal operation, speak to the service provider about the total expense of the procedure. Pest control Perth is recognized for deliver quality and long-term solution from bird mites at a moderate pocket-pinch. You can pay by cash, card, cheque and bank transfer as well.

Some Things You Should Know About

There are some things that you should know while employing pest control. Firstly you must ensure that your chosen pest control must be registered with the Government. This keeps in check the frauds and the cheats who might fake this. Secondly, it is important to keep into account not to use cheap pesticides as it might cause more harm to the occupants than the mites themselves.