Flea Pest Control Perth

Fleas usually infest plants and animals. No matter how meticulously you take care of your pet, it might still catch skin infections and insects from nearby animals and places. They spread from your pet to anything that resembles the skin of your pet. This includes bed linen, carpets, curtains and most fabrics.

Moreover, your house can still be plagued by fleas even if you do not have a pet. The only blessing when it comes to these creatures is that they are wingless. But that is no cause to relax. These small and brownish creatures can jump long distances and live underneath the fur undetected. They live off the blood of their hosts and can cause severe itchiness and infections.

Chuck the local pesticides and flea repellent products and trust flea treatment
services Perth to get the job done. The high-tech, eco-friendly techniques include a thorough inspection of the area and eradicating the fleas forever.

Common Flea Species Found in Australia

The Cat bug (Ctenocephalidesfelis), Human virus (Pulexirritans), Puppy bug (Ctenocephalidescanis), Northern rat infection (Nosopsyllus fasciitis), Moorhen bug (Dasypsyllusgallinules) are common flea species found in Australian that cause trouble in households.

What Are the Flea Infestation Hazards?

Dealing with insects is not an easy job, they come in undetected and camouflage under the fur of your beloved pet only to cause painful rashes and severe itching and skin infections. Fleas are also harmful to human beings and can cause deadly diseases such as plague, murine typhus, tungiasis and other allergic reactions.

While your pet desperately tries to attain some relief, they vigorously scratch their body. This leads to hair loss and it is such heartbreak to see mere clumps of fur sticking to their bodies. The insects cannot be combed out without proper treatment. Their six elongated feet clings to the fur and the pests are hard, if not impossible to dislodge. If you manage to spot one, they crawl off and hide in another clump of fur.

The blood loss weakens their immune system. The bites lead to several diseases as well. However, that isn’t the worst bit yet. The scariest are the females who burrow into the feet and begin to breed there. Not only does your body provide them their food, they turn it into a complete survival ecosystem as well.

When to Seek Professional Help?

A flea problem, however small, requires immediate professional assistance. The pest control Perth team is not only trained but also equipped to deal with massive infestations. We have all the necessary tools to carry out the inspection and extermination of the pests lurking around in your property without causing any damage to your house or its occupants.

Will Home Remedies Work?

Cleaning out the fleas all by yourself is not a good idea. For starters, the local
products that you will get over the counter are not very effective in dealing with a large nest of fleas. Moreover, you need to be careful in handling the corrosive chemicals. What you can do is clean out the corners of your home and thoroughly wash all the linen with a strong detergent and insecticide. But these measures won’t be enough in serious infestation cases.

Professional Flea Control Techniques

The team of experts has all the necessary equipment and skills to deal with fleas efficiently. Once they have thoroughly inspected the entire property and located the nesting points, the team of pest control Perth begins its work by implementing various cleaning treatments such as dusting and setting up baits to catch the pests unaware. Next, they spray pesticides or a flea-repellent solution in and around the house to protect the area from any future infestations. Another flea control treatment technique is the gel treatment that is by far the safest way to curb fleas if you have children and pets in the house.

What about the Cost Involved and Payment Methods?

Pest extermination in Perth has incorporated many unique and innovative solutions that combine the best of technology and convenience. However, our services are quite reasonably priced and well within your budget. The cost of operation also depends on the size of the property and the severity of the infestation. The companies accept everything from cash to credit and bank transfers.

The Time Taken

Flea control operations usually take about a day or two at the maximum. From inspection to locating the nests and setting the baits, spraying chemicals and dusting the area, the entire process takes roughly 24-36 hours. The time frame of the operation also depends on the size, scale, and severity of the infestation.

Side-Effects (if any)

The methods used by pest control Perth are eco-friendly and safe. However, flea control does involve the use of chemicals and sprays that can cause allergic reactions to some people, especially pregnant women, children, and animals. Therefore, it is best that the inhabitants of the house steer clear of the pest control operation.