Flies Pest Control Perth

There isn’t a single place on the planet where you could not find these pesky creatures. In your house, on the street, around the garbage dump, you can see them everywhere buzzing around merrily and laying eggs in damp, humid corners. Blame it on the warm and humid climate of Australia or the hordes of cattle commonly found on the continent, but flies have become an inevitable part of the lifestyle. Australian flies are stronger, swifter than the typical flies species found elsewhere due to the vast expanse of grasslands and the changes in barometric pressure and wind.

Common Fly Species Found in Australia

About 120,000 flies’ species can be found all over the planet. However, the most common ones in Australia are fruit flies, sand flies, tsetse flies, cluster flies, black flies, deer flies, house flies, crane flies, and horse flies.

Dangers of Flies Infestation

Flies can pose some serious health threats for the inhabitants of the house as they contaminate the surface they sit on. This is particularly harmful when they decide to adopt your food as their own. Also, flies are infamous for carrying harmful pathogens and disease-causing germs responsible for ailments such as dysentery, food poisoning, and other stomach related diseases. In fact, the presence of flies in any restaurant is a major deterrent to any customers. The same is the case for your home. Feeding this contaminated food is bound to be harmful to anyone, not to mention babies. With their weaker immune system, the effects can be deadly.

As if that was not enough, these insects cause further trouble through their bites as well. There are some blood-sucking varieties whose bites are severe enough to end up in blisters. It is not widely known, but fly bites can be very painful and cause severe itching and rashes. Upon being bitten, the symptoms can range from fever, lesions and even other disabilities. Flies inject their saliva into the human body to stop the blood from clotting after they pierce your skin. Of course, that ends up in several allergies as the saliva of flies is not the healthiest liquid to mix up in your blood stream. This reactive may occur in the form of hives or even wheezing.

When to Seek Professional Help?

You can quickly deal with a couple of flies with a bug spray. However, it can get very troublesome when these pests attack in massive numbers. This is when you need to call a pest control company to inspect the problem and exterminate the flies. Call restaurant pest control Perth to safely remove flies from the restaurant premise without damaging the property. Home remedies though effective are often short- term, commercial pest control operations are the best if you are looking for a long- term solution.

Will DIY Methods Work?

Flies are pretty common in hot and humid areas as the climate is ideally suited for them to breed and multiply. However, in most cases, you do not need professional assistance. A bug spray from a nearby stationery store is enough to control these annoying creatures. You can also reduce the population of these pests by keeping your house clean. Ensure that there are no damp areas or freshwater puddles in the area or food left unattended in the room. If there is any stagnant water near your house, it can prove to be the breeding ground for these flying menaces. And remember to cover all utensils that contain food, cooked or uncooked.

All about Professional Pest Control Methods

The team of pest control Perth would first inspect the property and locate the breeding ground. Then they would spray insecticide or other chemicals for successfully exterminating the pests. Next, it would clean out the damp corners and other unhygienic places around the house to reduce the risk of them coming back. The pest control operations even involve setting up nets and traps on windows, ventilators, and doors to prevent the flies from swarming in the house.

What about the Costs Involved and Payment Methods?

Pest control operations in Perth include the use of advanced techniques and eco- friendly equipment. However, the price range is pretty affordable and well within your budget. You can also check out the service packages and individual plans and customize them according to your requirement.

The Time Taken

Getting rid of flies is a tiring job and one that requires constant work and effort. From inspecting the area to spraying the chemical all around to prevent the chances of a future infestation, the entire pest control process takes roughly 24-36 hours. However, the operation can extend for longer durations depending on the severity of the situation.

Side-Effects (If Any)

The bug sprays and chemicals used in the pest control process, through environment-friendly, can cause some discomfort to people who have allergic reactions. Therefore, it is best that you steer clear off the site when the pest control is taking place. Also, apply extra caution if you have kids or pets or pregnant women in the house.