Lawn Pest Control Perth

You must have encountered small worms, and insects crawling in the soil or climbing the barks at some point of time. These creatures eat away the saplings and merrily munch away on the gardens you so lovingly tended. However, they do not content themselves with being herbivores. The tiny insects lurking around the lawns are not only dangerous for the plants but also cause many diseases to the inhabitants of the place as well. Snails, slugs, spiders, bugs and worms are among the commonly found lawn pests that can destroy the plants.

Some even seek shelter inside your home and soon you will find an entire zoo crawling around that will make you think twice about having a garden.

Lawn pests come in a wide variety which makes it tricky to implement any singular eradication process on them. Home treatments are usually limited and thus, it is wiser to trust the pest control Perth to assist.

Lawn Pest Species of Australia

Lawn pests stick to your garden and slowly kill the plants and saplings leaving behind nothing but old withered leaves and dried roots. Armyworms, cutworms, billbugs, black turfgrass ataenius, crane fly, fiery skipper, lawn moths, sod webworms, and southern chinch bug are the some of the lawn pest species commonly found in the gardens of Australia.

Common Lawn Pest Hazards

If you begin to notice yellow patches on clumps of grass or patches with stunted growth, there is a possibility that your garden might be infected with lawn pests. This is usually the case during early spring and once more, in late summer. The lawn will lose its lushness and the plants, their vigor.

Garden pests and insects can cause irreversible damage to the backyard as they thrive on the plants like parasites sucking out the nutrients leaving them withered and dry. The tips of the plants are distorted and full of yellow patches. Also a transparent substance appears on the leaves that attract ants. The underside of the leaves is covered in black spots especially during summer and spring seasons.

Lace bugs halt the possibility of further growth and the greenery is soon shaded with a white powdery layer. Spider mites further damage any aesthetic appeal left by forming their webs between leaves and branches. Snails and slugs cause harm to the leaves. These leaves become spotted with white dots and lose their color.

These infections steal the lustrous greenery of the lawns leaving it dead, withered and ugly. Garden pests also destroy the quality of the soil by digging deep tunnels underground. It becomes difficult to re-grow any plants on the same soil. You may find your garden unsuitable to be one anymore.

When to Seek Professional Help?

Lawn pests can be quite stubborn, and it is best that you get professional help of pest control Perth before things start getting out of hand. Pest control services Perth is experts at handling massive infestations without compromising on the surroundings and its inhabitants.

Will Home Remedies Help?

When it comes to dealing with lawn parasites and worms, it is best that you trust the professionals to do the job for you. Bug sprays and branded pest control products offer only temporary relief. The pests return with full force as soon as the effects of the spray wear off. Professional pest extermination ensures that the pests do not come back for longer periods of time.

Professional Pest Control Solutions

Inspection the property, locating the breeding nests and cleaning out the area
happen to be the three top steps that any lawn pest extermination operation follows. Other than that the team id experts also fill in the cracks in floorboards, repair the windows, the attics and spray chemicals all over the property to prevent any future infestation.

What about the Cost Involved and Payment Methods?

Even though the pest control techniques at Eco-friendly pest control Perth WA are at par with the most advanced technologies and eco-friendly solutions, the services are surprisingly affordable. You can also avail the benefits of the many service plans and annual plans for further cutting down the cost of operation. We accept everything from cash to credit and online bank transfers as payment.

The Time Taken

Like every other pest control operation, exterminating lawn pests is also a time-consuming job. The time frame might vary as per the size, scale, and severity of the infestation. However, on an average, a pest control operation takes roughly 24-36 hours. From inspection the property to dealing with the pest breeding grounds, the entire process is extended to a day or two.

Side-Effects (If Any)

The bug sprays and chemicals used by the pest control services Perth are safe and eco-friendly. However, it is best that you steer clear of the operation in case you are suffering from mild allergies or infections. Also, ensure that kids, pets, and pregnant women are kept away from the entire pest control fiasco.