Mosquito Pest Control

Mosquitoes are a huge hindrance in our houses, especially in the rainy season when they breed. This February, the rain gauge strikes 137mm, one of the heaviest rainfalls in Perth in recent history, and mosquitoes are on the rise. These little creatures can spread fatal diseases, and yet when it comes to dealing with mosquitoes, it takes a lot of thinking, planning and even expert intervention. This is where you recall Mosquito Pest Control Perth and our experts with dedicated techniques and instruments will help you out in the mosquito removal process. Different kinds of mosquitoes can spread different kinds of disease. And if you have kids at home, you should definitely take a step forward and stop your house from being a mosquito abode. Opt for Ecofriendly Pest Control Perth WA to lead a life free from mosquito bites.

How Well Do You Know Mosquitoes?

A mosquito, in Spanish, would mean a ‘little fly’. Quite literally, that is what they are, small, midget-like flies, but don’t go by their deceptive looks. Belonging to the family Culicidae, females of most of the species use long tube-like organisms (in biological terms, a proboscis) to penetrate the host’s skin and suck blood. The size of a grown up mosquito can vary from 3mm to 9mm. The adult females use host blood to lay eggs and reproduce and help in carrying nectar of flowers.

Common Species of Mosquitoes Found in Australia

The most commonly found mosquito species are Anopheles, Aedes, Culex, Mansonia, Culiseta and Coquillettidia.

Signs of Mosquito Bites

The female mosquito consumes blood out of the host’s skin. However, most of the times, the loss of blood is minimal to the host, though mosquito bites leave inflammation and itching rashes. But the more serious thing is the diseases that they spread.

More Severe Effects

Mosquitoes are vectors of fatal disease-causing viruses, and they carry and spread these viruses from one person to another. The major viral diseases transmitted by mosquitoes are yellow fever, dengue, malaria, chikungunya, Australian encephalitis, Ross River virus disease, Burmah Forest virus disease and several kinds of flues. Mosquitoes are estimated to have affected more than 700 million people around Asia, Africa, South and Central America. Per year, not less than 2 million people die of mosquito transmitted diseases.

To bring the mosquitoes under control, and to protect the individuals in disease-inflicted areas, sophisticated methods are used by local governing bodies of those regions, which include but are not limited to, vector extermination, disease prevention, vaccination and usage of prophylactic drugs, insecticides and spray repellents.

Dengue as a mosquito-borne disease has the most impact in the medical history of mankind and Dengue epidemics have reportedly killed millions of people around the world in the past. The symptoms include a mild fever, headache, and fatigue, leading to a potentially life-threatening hemorrhage.

Among other serious diseases, there is Australian encephalitis or Murray Valley encephalitis caused by infection with Kunjin virus. Symptoms include short-term to permanent neurological disorders, and things might go from trivial to fatal within a few days if not treated properly.

Ross River virus disease is one of the most commonly found mosquito-borne diseases in Australia, especially the Southeast region where hundreds of cases are reported each year. RR Virus infection could show in the form of mild fever with itching rashes but could later develop in arthritis. Malaria also persists to be a major threat in all states of Australia.

Will DIY Methods Work?

Do-it- yourself enthusiasm is plausible, but not necessarily always effective. Marketed pesticides for consumer purchase often fall short of the efficiency needed to bring mosquitoes under control. They come cheap, but not always targeted to the specific species of mosquito you might have to deal with. Pest Control Perth professionals are trained to identify the mosquito trails around your house. This enables them to eradicate the entire mosquito brigade out of your household. Moreover, these pesticides are often poisonous, and by seeking professional help, you could bypass their usage.

How Do Professional Pest Control Services Perth Address the Issue?

The experts of Pest Control Perth will have a thorough inspection in your household to identify the mosquito territories, and then take necessary steps to treat the problem before it goes out of hand.

The professionals will dust each and every corner of your dwelling and close down on the favorite hideouts for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes hide in places like sealing gaps, beneath furniture, and inside cracks in the wall during the daytime.

If things are severe, that is to say, if mosquitoes have already made your place a living hell, then the experts may need to take serious measures. They may have to apply a surface spray specifically formulated to eradicate mosquitoes. This spray will be used all around your household.

The Areas of Inspection

The areas experts concentrate on during these Perth Pest Control Services are,
Interior Service – Kitchens, toilets, exterior doors, wall-cracks, plumbing insertions, windows, and basements are treated.

Exterior Service – Identification of areas prone to host mosquitoes, and a spraying perimeter treatment for precautionary measures to avoid future infestations.

How Much Does Mosquito Control Cost and How Will I Pay?

The expense will be determined by the severity of the issue. Pest Control Perth services are well-known for keeping their price competitive. After the completion of the operation, you’ll be provided with an invoice. You can pay by both cash and card.

A Few More Things to Keep in Mind

There are a lot of Perth Pest Control Services as obtaining the Pest Control license from the Australian government is rather easy, so be careful when you’re choosing your preferable agency. Moreover, some of them have chosen to profit in an easy way by using cheap, non-effective, solvent-based pesticides which might be very harmful to the residents. Rely on the Eco-friendly Pest Control Perth WA to stay safe from these poisonous pesticides. We adhere to the safety standards of the Australian government, that too, at a reasonable cost.