Moth Pest Control Perth

Moths are beautiful, flying creatures resembling butterflies. Like butterflies, they also have compound eyes and a nutrition-sucking tube called proboscis. However, a full- grown moth only comes out in the night, and their wings are usually white or gray, distinguishing the species from butterflies. Moths are generally considered harmless to people but can cause damage to your clothes and other household items. Moths have a thing for fabrics and thus, can be identified as pests. They find their way inside the house from infested plants in the perimeter or infested fabrics that you may have worn. If you encounter a problem with moths, seek help from professionals of Eco-
friendly Pest Control Perth WA.

How Friendly Are Moths?

Although they look pretty innocent, looks can be deceptive. Moths are often
considered non-toxic, and unable to cause serious health hazards. But some moths have developed sharp spines which, if come into contact with the human skin, may cause irritation. Some species have evolved in such a way that their proboscis now can transmit various toxins. In rare cases, the hairy legs can penetrate human skin which can result in diseases like dermatitis or urticaria.

Symptoms of a Moth Sting

Moth sting can cause irritation and itches on the skin which worsens when scratched repeatedly. Sometimes, a moth bite can trigger an allergic infection. Most of the times, the effects on the human body remain mild and minimal. So, you may not need medical help after a moth bite.

Common Species of Moths Found in Australia

Moths have a large number of species, and their appearances vary accordingly. Some species may be huge while some could be really tiny. Generally, moths are colored in brown or gray, but there are some species with metallic-colored wings. Some of the moth species commonly located in Australia are Almond moths, Cankerworms, Armyworms, Coneworms, and Bagworms.

Will DIY Methods Work?

You may have thought of controlling the moth situation yourself, but you won’t have enough instruments to take the necessary actions. Over-the- counter pesticides are not always as effective as they promise to be, and most of them contain poisonous substances which could be harmful to your health. However, the experts at Pest Control Perth would happily take care of the situation, so that you can put your energy in other productive areas of life. When you don’t really know what to do, it’s better not to experiment. Contact Residential pest control Perth for a safe and secure moth extermination.

When to Seek Professional Help?

Generally speaking, you won’t need professional help if someday you miraculously find one or two moths in your house. But moths reproduce quickly, and things might soon go out of your hand. Seek professional help only when you think it’s necessary, but it’s better to call for Pest inspection Perth than doing anything on your own. Each household is different, and the breeding place for moths would change accordingly. The professionals have innovative planning technique which works for any household. Moreover, moth extermination is a continuous process rather than a one-time operation, because moths come back after a certain time. The professionals would be able to help you out in monitoring the moth colony.

How do Professional Pest Control Services Address the Issue?

The experts begin with a thorough inspection of your place, finding traces of moths, larvae, and cocoons. Then they prepare baits and apply them in the moth-infested corners of your house. They clean out the dust from your interior space and apply quality-assured surface spray inside and around the premise. The technicians take care of your interior as well as exterior surroundings, and treat every place for pest control – toilet, kitchen, plumbing penetrations, doors, thresholds. In short, the whole premise of your place is put under inspection and taken care of.

The Cost of Moth Infestation Control and How Can I pay?

Eco friendly Pest Control WA is dedicated to taking necessary measures to keep the moths out of your house, and it’s an elaborate process which doesn’t come cheap. However, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The experts will listen to your problem beforehand and they will have a thorough investigation at your place before giving you an estimate of the exact amount of money needed to do the operations. The experts possess advance means to eradicate your problem. Moreover, the money factor doesn’t only depend on the kind of service you are seeking, but also on the size and type of your household.

A Few More Things to Keep in Mind

Do not appoint novices or trainees because they don’t have the kind of experience needed to handle serious situations. The best thing to do is to check the pest control license to be sure of their working experience. Don’t opt for poisonous pesticides commonly found in the market, because an over-usage could lead to asthma and bronchial problems. Do not go for agencies promising to do service at a cheaper rate, because they often come out to be conning you. Seek help only from the Best Pest Control Service in Perth, and before appointing a service.