Rat Control & Removal

A rat infestation is one of the most bothersome annoyances in any part of the world, and Perth is no exception. Unlike pet rats, these are not cute or domestic by any means. They skitter around spoiling your food and destroying your stores. They reduce any wires or clothes, or anything that can be bitten into mere shreds. On top of that, they test out their stealth skills by biting the humans in the house. And as an end note, they leave their droppings all over the place.

It is no wonder that any homeowner would do anything to get rid of these pests. Thankfully, to challenge these pest infestations, we, at Pest Control Perth are always at your disposal. Our
eco-friendly pest-control services are adept at figuring out the root of the problem and getting rid of any sign of a colony, with no harm towards the humans.

How Do Rats Look Like?

Rats are a species of rodents that have plundered the world for ages, spreading a variety of epidemics all throughout the history of mankind. Typically rats exhibit two enlarged incisors at the front which lengthens with age. This pair is the primary cause of the menace these gnawing pests are famous for. They are furry and have the ability to stand up on their hind limbs if they want.

However, rats come in a variety of species and each differs in their own way. Often, our homes are infested by a couple of different species, separately or simultaneously, and it is important to know their peculiarities. Wild Norway Rats are rotund, large creatures. Their tails are shorter than their body. Roof rats, another common species that are found to be scurrying around your homes, are slender and longer. The tail exceeds the length of their body as well.

Rats can further, be differentiated by the shape of their mouths. Their noses can be aquiline or they can be blunt. Some species are black while others can be brown. Another kind of rodents that are often equated with rats, but are different, is mice.

Mice are smaller and sparrow-shaped with elongated, thin tails. They come in a variety of species as well.

Types of Rats found in Australia

Most species that afflict the homes of Perth are Roof rats, marsh rice rats, rice rats, Norway Rats and Brown Rats. Long-haired rats, house rats, and bush rats are some other species found in Australia.

Signs of a Rat Infestation

It is a rare occasion that you will witness a cluster of rats clubbing in any part of your house. Of course, you may come across a single rodent or two, scurrying from corner to corner, but that does not automatically indicate an infestation. One of the most common symptoms of an infestation is if you begin to spot droppings, littering your house all over. Rat droppings are shaped like a capsule and black in color. They range up to 12 mm in length. If the droppings are fresh, they will be soft and wet.

You may notice trails in your garden or backyard as rats run through the same path every time. Rats even leave footprints and tail swipes on mud or dusty grounds. The oil in their furs leaves behind dark grey smears as well. You will even notice the increasing number of burrows if the rat count bloats. But the most prominent sign would be the presence of gnawed and shredded wires and clothes in your house.

Ways to Control Rat Infestation Using Home Remedies

At the first sign of a rat infestation, do not panic. The chances are that you have discovered this in the worst way possible with your important machinery ripped apart into pieces. If your granary has been infested, the rats will probably have poisoned any food that had been there.

If the situation is not too dire, you can try some rat poisons in the market. However, these poisons are dangerous to more than just rats. If the rats die in the midst of your grains, the food will be rendered uneatable. Moreover, if the poisoned baits are consumed by your pets or kids, in most cases, the situation may turn fatal fast.

Rat traps are another way to get rid of an infestation. But they work well if you have one or two pets making your kitchen their home. For a large scale infestation, it is better and safer to consult the rat removal of Perth as fast as possible. The expert pest control team of Eco-friendly pest control Perth WA use standardized rodenticides and they know how to eradicate the pests from their very root.

How Do We S.T.O.P Rat Infestation?

Survey and Treatment

The service providers of pest control Perth will inspect your home and examine the more populated areas. This will comprise of both the interior of your house and your gardens and backyards as well. They will figure out the source of the infestation and exterminate all the rats hidden in the burrows and crevices. The rats will be baited out of their hidings. The baits used are safe for kids and other pets.

The exterior of your building will undergo a spray treatment as well. This will prevent any relapses of an infestation.


The entire process will not require more than an hour at the most. The duration will depend on the degree of infestation and the area that requires being covered. This will also depend on the weather condition.

When you notice the signs of an infestation, inform the pest control Rats pest control services in Perth immediately. They will respond in 48 hours and take care of your problem for you. If the condition is too dire, you can always request a faster response.

Proofing and Prevention

The control officer, at the end of the extermination, will share some tips regarding the avoidance of any further infestation problems as well. The eco-friendly technic used will further protect against any infestations to ensure a long-lasting relief from these little menaces.