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Make Your Next Property Investment A Big Success

Don’t relax once you are done with the pest inspection process because it doesn’t mean that your home is free from all kind of pests. It simply means that the pest inspector didn’t find anything wrong. Just like any other professionals in this world, you’ll always find a great professional and a worst one who simply wants to take away your money and do nothing.

You might also think, “Who cares”. I am selling my property so I do not really care whether my property has pests or not. But these things will affect you in the long run. Remember, buyers won’t like to invest in a property with pests. Furthermore, they will say a big “no” when they will know that they also have to pay for the pest infestation. That’s exactly why you need to be a little careful while choosing a pest control inspector.

When Do You Need A Home Inspection?

It depends on the local and state regulations. In few areas, a home pest inspection is not a must when you are selling the property. It only becomes mandatory when the buyers notices certain pests like bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, ants etc. They might also ask you to show the last pest inspection report.

A real estate agent is responsible to inform the buyer whether the property needs pest inspection. An agent can also give few referrals to the buyer and seller about the pest control companies, but it is definitely not their responsibility to carry out the pest inspection. It’s the responsibility of the seller to do it ASAP once the buyer notices the same in the property and shows interest to invest in the property.

Is The Seller Entitled to Pay for a Home Pest Inspection If It’s Not Important?

Some of the sellers think that whether they should pay for the pest inspection, even when it’s not mandatory by law. However, it depends on certain conditions. Have a look at the conditions:-

  • The condition of the property (both residential and commercial).
  • Your real estate agent’s advice.
  • The kind of target market where you are selling the property.

If the condition of your property is not good and there are pests everywhere, you have to pay for the pest inspection. For instance, if you can find small cockroaches in your kitchen, then they must be hiding somewhere. A buyer will check each and every corner of your home before investing money in it.

If the price of real estate properties are increasing in the market and you are offering the property at a much cheaper price then they may not ask you to do the pest inspection. If they are not requesting for a pest inspection report, then you can ignore it. However, it is always a good idea to speak clearly in order to not encounter any problems in future.

On the other hand, if the buyer asks for a pest inspection report then it’s preferable to do the pest inspection or show the report of the last inspection you did. A detailed pest report will give a complete overview of the property and it is a great benefit for the seller, especially if there are no pests in the property.

Buyers have to worry about many things while investing in a property, and if you show them the report in advance, they won’t have to worry about it. In some local communities, a seller is entitled to show all the important property related documents to the buyer before offering the deal.

Does It Make Sense For The Buyer To Pay For The Pest Inspection?

A buyer has to pay for the pest inspection in two scenarios:-

  • When the seller refuses to do the pest inspection (and they are interested to buy the property).
  • When a pest inspection has been already done, but it didn’t work.

The point is, a buyer should always go for the pest inspection even when the seller refuses to do so. It is very important on the buyer’s part, especially when he/she is planning to stay in the property for a longer time. Furthermore, there won’t be any better time than doing it before they invests in the home.

A pest inspection is not something very inexpensive. It will depend on the company you have chosen and also on the severity of pest problems in your property. At ECO FRIENDLY PEST CONTROL, we understand how difficult it is to buy a property with pests. That’s exactly why we would suggest you to go for an immediate pest control procedure to
take charge of the situation. Things may go worse if you don’t do it immediately.

Impacts Of Pest Infestation On A Property

  • Complaints can lead to immediate rent reductions.
  • Contract termination.
  • Revenue loss.
  • Compensation claims.
  • Repair and maintenance costs.
  • Bad reputation of the owner.

No Undesirable Flat mates In Your Flat

Yes. That’s true.

Those pesky pests start living in your home and become your flat mates. We understand how terrible it can is for you to live with them. Rent reductions can also happy, as the court considers pest infestation as a very serious problem in rental properties.

At ECO FRIENDLY PEST CONTROL, we have a team of pest control experts who will act quickly to prevent the pest infestation in your home. Cockroaches and rodents can grow very quickly, and it will damage your property badly.

Pests are a serious threat to your health with the potential to transmit germs and can cause great damage to the buildings. Let the team of ECO FRIENDLY PEST CONTROL help you get rid of the pests immediately. We are one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies backed by the best training, technology and equipment that has made
both the residential and commercial property owners hire us for the task.

How Can We Help You?

  • Pre-purchase pest inspections.
  • Monthly/Yearly pest inspections for rental properties.
  • Regular pest control treatments for ants, cockroaches, spiders, rodents etc.

You and your home are in safe hands once you’ve hired the team of ECO FRIENDLY PEST CONTROL.