Silverfish Pest Control

Pests, though tiny and fragile, can wreck homes and commercial undertakings to dust. Rodents, termites, flies and cockroaches, these pesky pests lurk around the corners of the property slowly eating away at its foundation and spreading deadly diseases. The pest in question today is the silverfish, a small silvery creature, a delicate insect with an elongated body and antennas that stick to your clothes and furniture. Owing to the damp, hot and humid climate of the continent, Australia is an ideal breeding ground for silverfish. However, with the high-tech pest control solutions used by Eco-friendly Pest Control Perth WA, you can quickly tackle the problem without spending a fortune.

Silverfish Species Found in Australia

Silverfish are nocturnal insects measuring about 13-25mm and feed on things that have polysaccharides. Dextrins and starch in adhesives, clothes, carpets, linen, curtains, hair, furniture, books, plastic and other items are the ideal breeding ground for the silverfish to nest and grow in numbers. Some common silverfish species found in Australian homes include Zygentoma, saccharine, Lepidotrichidae, Maindroniidae, and Lepismatidae.

Silverfish Infestation Hazards

Silverfish breed in cold, damp spaces such as bathtubs, basements, sinks,
bookcases, closet shelves, wallpaper, window frames, and floorboards. The pests cause considerable damage to property by feeding off the starch in them and slowly destroying the foundations of the home. However, silverfish carry no disease- causing microorganisms and hence, do not spread of infections and allergies.

When to Seek Professional Help?

Tackling a huge silverfish infestation case by yourself can be difficult. Locating their nests, finding out what they are feeding on and then treating them accordingly is an exhausting and time-taking process and one that requires expertise and skill. Leave it for the professionals of pest control Perth to take care of the job. Our skilled technicians are armed with top notch pest control products and advanced equipment for inspecting and exterminating the pests. Moreover, commercial pest control Perth uses products that cause no harm to the surroundings and inhabitants of the property. The customer care executive of pest control Perth will listen to your issue carefully.

Home Remedies That Can Work

Silverfish is a common nuisance with Australian families. They thrive on everyday items such as linen, sugar, coffee, books, plastic, wood; anything and everything that has starch. Finding a couple of silverfish sticking to your closets or under the sinks is no primary concern. You can quickly take care of it without having to call for professional help. However, bug sprays and over-the- counter chemical treatments offer short-term relief, i.e. the pests can come back once the effect of the spray wears off.

Professional Pest Control Techniques

First and foremost, the team of pest inspection Perth inspects every nook and cranny of the property to look for the breeding grounds. Finding out their nests and dietary preferences are crucial to the operation. Once these silvery blue creatures are located, the team moves towards setting traps and baits to fend off the pests and prevent them from causing any further damage. The specialized equipment helps the team set barriers in the narrowest of passages without causing any additional damage to the property. Spraying chemicals and individual pesticides all around the property and coating the breeding site with bug sprays effectively exterminate the silverfish infestation. The team then proceeds to dust off the area and repair the damage caused by the silverfish.

What about the Cost Involved and Payment Methods?

Pest control services in Perth though armed with the best technologies and eco- friendly solutions is not very heavy in your pockets. The pest control operations are reasonably priced and fit well within your budget. You can even avail the benefits of special offers, seasonal discounts and combo plans to save a few extra bucks. All sorts of payment methods are accepted by pest control Perth. From cash, credit to online bank transfers you can pay them in any form as per your convenience.

How Much Time Will the Entire Operation Take?

Silverfish infestation can be quite tricky to curb. Known as fish moths or carpentering sharks, these insects can move quickly and are hence, tough to trap and eradicate. The process often requires the use of pecialized sprays and expert treatments that are custom-made to exterminate these pests. Depending on the size, scale and severity of the infestation, the pest control operation can take a maximum of 24-36 hours (i.e. 1-2 days).

Are There Side-Effects?

All the products used by pest control companies at Perth are checked and authenticated by legitimate organizations. The sprays, chemicals, and treatments used are eco-friendly. However, it is recommended that kids, animals and pregnant women be kept away from the operation to prevent the risk of allergies and infections. Also, the traps and barriers set up by the pest control team should be installed with utmost care and only under the supervision of an expert.