Termite Pest Control Perth

Termites are nightmarish little insects prone to damage everything at your house, that too in a stealth mode. You may not be aware of their existence in your household until it’s too late and the doors and other wooden surfaces are already damaged. Termites consume cellulose-based plant materials and they can find the required nutrition from inside the household, regardless of the construction. An estimate of 250 termite species can be found in Australia, where the number is more than 2,500 worldwide. Termites can thrive in unlikely spaces, so, when they invade a household, they become pests in no time. The damage caused by termites in Australian residences and commercial sectors is estimated to be $5 billion dollars per year.

How to Prevent Termite Infestation?

Money is also spent on the cyclic preventive mechanisms, and annual inspections are a necessary measure in termite-prone residences. By far, termites are one of the most economically threatening pest organisms in Perth. Prevention is always better than crisis management later on when you don’t have much to do. If you are able to spot termite infestation earlier, lucky for you.

As anything and everything can be food for termites, from foundations of houses and wooden floors to furniture, cupboards and even books, you have to be extra careful with your valuables. Termite Treatment Perth includes all the corners and cracks and crevices of your property wherever there’s the slightest chance of infestation. The trained professionals of Eco-friendly Pest Control Perth WA diagnose every property individually and provide you with a unique and customized treatment.

Signs of Termite Damages

Damages inflicted on Wooden Surfaces – Termites prefer dark, enclosed environments rather than exposed ones, so you may not find any traces of infestation where there’s supposed to be some. Tap and examine the sound of your wooden surface – if it sounds hollow, chances are, termites are eating through the wood inside out. Look for distorted paintings on a wooden surface, or any small cracks, because drywood termites can enter through any small opening and infest your household.

Drywood termites can be detected through a wood-colored substance that they produce called frass. Try to keep your house clean from any kind of cellulose-based debris to prevent termite infestation.

Other Sorts of Damages

Reproductive or swarming termites fly to new places to establish new colonies. When you see a bunch of discarded wings or a group of swarming insects, contact an expert for inspection. Termites also affect exterior walls and foundations of the home and gain nutrition and a moisture-rich environment. Termites pose a serious threat to your decorated and well-furnished home, and if you come across any of these signs of infestation, immediately call pest control services Perth to do a thorough inspection.

The expert can then analyze the gravity of the situation and prescribe necessary treatment which would involve wood treatments, dusting and application of spray repellents, and in extreme cases, fumigation of the entire construction.

Common Species of Termites Found in Australia

In Western Australia, three most commonly found species of termites are Subterranean Termites, Dampwood Termites, and Drywood Termites.

Health Concerns Due to Termites

Termites spread molds when they’re eating through the wood, and these molds can pose serious health hazards. Each species disperse different kinds of molds, and some are more damaging to health than others. Now, a relevant question is, how do the molds affect the human body?

They are usually inhaled from the air or the spores come into contact with human skin. These molds cause allergies, fungal infections, eye infections, dermatitis and other diseases which can have severe effects on people with a history of respiratory problems. Asthma, allergy and bronchial diseases can go from mild to severe in no time. Once inhaled, molds can stay and grow inside lungs, a disease known as Aspergilloma.

Will DIY Methods Work?

Dealing with an army of termites is never an easy job, and if you try to control the situation yourself, things might go wrong due to lack of efficiency and experience. Experts from Termite Pest Control Perth plan and execute successful termite removal process on a regular basis, and it’s better to rely on these trained and licensed professionals than using any short-cuts that lead nowhere better.

How Do Professional Pest Control Services Address the Issue?

Professionals begin with a thorough investigation of your place to find traces of termite infested areas. These experts are trained to ‘think like a termite’ and therefore, can easily detect and eliminate sources of infestation. The inspection includes attics, doors, windows, wooden floors, wall cracks, plumbing penetrations, firewood, furniture and every cracks and crevice where there might be a termite shelter. After a thorough survey, the experts from Pest Control Perth will come up with a customized solution to your pest problem.

The specialists use means like bait treatment, gel treatment and dust treatment whenever necessary. Moreover, they apply quality assured surface spray in the perimeter of your property to eliminate the possibility of any recurrence of infestation. When needed, they’ll even go further to fumigate an entire property to get done with the pest problem once and for all.

How Much Does Termite Control Cost and How Can I Pay?

The cost will depend on the severity of the problem and the size of the property. You can discuss about the expense prior to the beginning of the process to avoid any inconvenience. The payment can be done by both cash and card.

Are There Any Side Effects?

At Pest control Perth, we make sure to you only standardized termite controls
products. However, during the operation, we recommend small children, pets and individuals with any serious medical condition to keep away from the property.