Wasp Removal Perth

Wasp is a flying insect just like bees. These colonial insects hail from the same ancestors as the bees and ants. Wasps are found in the spring season because the queen wasp hibernates in winter. However tiny they may be, they have a painful sting and a flying speed of 40 km/hr. While stinging, they produce a toxic secretion called histamine in the human body that can even be life-threatening. These insects live in colonies and can be a huge problem if they set up their nests near your house. Apart from inflicting a painful sting, they can even sting multiple times. If a wasp builds nests in the cavities of your house then it can even eat at your plaster. But you need not worry as the Eco-friendly Pest Control Perth WA is at your assistance if you are miffed by wasp infestation.

Common Species of Wasps found in Australia

Wasps are basically classified into two species- solitary and social. As is implied in the name itself, solitary wasps live alone and have no bonding with other wasps. Contradictory to this, social wasps live in colonies that might even extend up to a thousand in number. In these colonies, the female wasps perform all the duties within their nests.

What Do Wasps Look Like?

It’s tricky to recognize wasps and be able to pick them out from bees. Wasps are light yellow and shining black in color. Unlike bees, they don’t have distinct hairs. They are larger, slicker and slender and boast a narrow waste that connects both the segments.

Feeding Habits

Because they live in colonies it is only justified that they even feed in packs. They feed on fresh as well as rotting fruits that are sweet, nectar and meat as well. They are drawn towards offal and carrion. As wasps are scavengers, they also collect caterpillars for larvae.

Health Effects and Bite Treatment

Wasp stings should be looked into immediately to prevent a larger local reaction. You can rob garlic over the wound and also apply a cold pack to it to lessen the pain. This also reduces the swelling. You should keep the stung area clean. It should be disinfected at least once a day till the inflammation completely disappears. Pest control Perth is what will come handy for getting
rid of these termites.

Signs of a Wasp Infestation

Wasps, for one, are very easy to detect. Their characteristic way of conducting themselves cannot go unnoticed. To make sure that you don’t have an encounter with them, it is best to look for their nests in spring or during summer. These nests become as big as a football until late spring and can easily be detected. These keep getting bigger with time.

Results of Wasp Infestation

Wasp stings are extremely poisonous. The result of the poison on the body of the individual may vary from mild to severe.

It gives an allergic effect to people whose immune systems are very sensitive to poison. In case these people are stung, then their body might exaggerate to the poison, thereby resulting in an allergic reaction throughout their body. These allergic reactions can be very fatal.

The wasps residing in the vents and nooks of buildings can pose a serious threat to the residents of that area. Their effects can be in multitudes resulting in a constant itching, trouble swallowing even water, red or puncture marks on the skin and light-headedness. There is also a burning sensation where the wasp has stung, resulting in a mild swelling.

What to Do in Case of Infestation?

Prevention is always better than cure. However, if your house does get infested, you should instantly reach for professional help. The removal of nests is a very delicate task. The termite-control team of pest control Perth will bring you a harmless solution without further delay.

When to Seek Professional Help?

You cannot ignore these wasps even if you see a few of them flying around in the house. Remember these wasps mostly live in colonies. So chances are that if you see one or two wasps there might be hundreds of them hiding somewhere in your home. Thus as soon as you feel the presence of these flying insects dominating your house, you need to call the pest control Perth to
get rid of them. Eco-friendly Pest Control WA will remove this infestation without any harm.

Will DIY Methods Work?

If you use over the shelves products to get rid of these wasps, it will not bring the desired results. Technicians coming from Pest Control Perth have the professional skills to deal with rodents and termites. Hence, taking expert help in this situation is the smart option.

How Do We S.T.O.P. Wasp Infestation?

Survey and Treatment

Because these termites could be hiding anywhere inside your house, the assistance team of pest control Perth will carry out the treatment process throughout the property with sprays and industrialized pest products. In all the probable breeding spots like vents and crevices- dust treatment will be used.

A nonhazardous gel treatment will also be used in required places. At Eco-friendly pest control Perth WA, we only use specialized baits that can only be used by licensed technicians. This treatment will deliver the required satisfactory result that is needed.


The entire process can take anything from an hour to several hours as it entirely depends on the severity of the situation or the extent of the infestation along with the size of the property.

Proofing and Prevention

The advantage in using the service of Eco-friendly Pest Control Perth WA is that you will not need to worry about any side effects. It is absolutely safe for humans and pets alike. The officer at your end will warn you regarding and preventive measures that should be taken.

Although in case there is an infant or a pregnant person, it will be advisable for them to leave the property for the while. Overall, it is absolutely safe and does not even leave any kind of odor.